Ennis June 12th


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Baseline Series 2021

U12 Boys 600m, U12 Boys 80m Sprint, U12 Boys High Jump, U12 Boys Long Jump, U12 Boys Shot Put, U12 Girls 600m, U12 Girls 80 Sprint, U12 Girls High Jump, U12 Girls Long Jump, U12 Girls Shot Put, U13 Boys 600m, U13 Boys 80m Sprint, U13 Boys High Jump, U13 Boys Long Jump, U13 Boys Shot Put, U13 Girls 600m, U13 Girls 80m Sprint, U13 Girls High Jump, U13 Girls Long Jump, U13 Girls Shot Put, U14 Boys 100m Sprint, U14 Boys 800m, U14 Boys High Jump, U14 Boys Long Jump, U14 Boys Shot Put, U14 Girls 100m Sprint, U14 Girls 800m, U14 Girls High Jump, U14 Girls Long Term, U14 Girls Shot Put, U15 Boys 100m Sprint, U15 Boys 800m, U15 Boys High Jump, U15 Boys Long Jump, U15 Boys Shot Put, U15 Girls 100m Sprint, U15 Girls 800m, U15 Girls High Jump, U15 Girls Long Jump, U15 Girls Shot Put


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