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My Track & Field is part of your virtual race, this is a new online resource designed to help clubs, schools and community organizations create and stage small scale track and field events locally. Events are designed to give juvenile athletes an opportunity to run jump & throw in a friendly non competitive environment.

Our field league allows younger athletes from all over Ireland to jump & throw as many meters as possible. The are 3 events from which they can gain points and compete with other clubs.

3 Events

Standing Long Jump

Standing Triple Jump

Scissors High Jump

Event Scoring

Each event result is scored in centimeters.


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Standing Long Jump

Toe – Swing – Explode – Land

The standing long jump, also known as the standing broad jump, is an athletics event. It was an Olympic event until 1912. It is one of three standing variants of track and field jumping events, which also include the standing high jump and standing triple jump.

Standing Triple Jump

Leap – Hop – Land

Standing triple jump is an athletics event based on the conventional triple jump with three jumping phases, but without an approach run-up. It is one of three standing variants of track and field jumping events, along with the standing high jump and standing long jump.

Scissors High Jump

Step – Lead – Kick – Land

Your aim is to jump as high as possible. Drive your lead leg up with your knee past the horizontal line of the bar. Once your lead leg is over, kick the other foot over the bar. Land on your feet to complete the jump

Currently in production

Our Medals

Motivate young athletes again with really high quality medals and awards, solid metal with enamel infill.
Ribbon is high quality digital printed.


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Please ensure that you have read the terms and conditions before you take part. This is a virtual event hosted by Your Virtual Race and that you are entering this event at your own risk.