Virtual Track & Field Leagues

My Track & Field  has been designed by the team at your virtual race. This is a new online resource designed to help clubs, schools and community organizations create and stage small scale track and field events locally. Upload your results and check out our live leaderboards.




National Access

Events are designed to give juvenile athletes an opportunity to run jump & throw in a friendly non-competitive environment where the only pressure will be in the tyres of their bikes !


Our track leagues allows younger athletes from all over Ireland to jump & throw, record distances & times and compete in some shape or form with athletes all over Ireland again. This all happens in a non-conventional way in very unusual times with virtual events.

How to time & improve technique.

Now with restriction lifted a little we can get back to tracks in small groups,  this will allow coaches and parents to get accurate distances to measure from, this takes out the guess work so everybody is doing exactly the same distance on the same surface. 

We have listed all IAAF certified tracks in Ireland on this site so parents and athletes can chose the location closest to them. 

Instructions are available on this site, for parents that may be unfamiliar with standard IAAF track layout please view the instructions to identify the correct start and finish points for each distance.


Please keep in mind that current restrictions are travel to a track within your county only, or to a track no further than 20km from your home if crossing a county boundary.